Why, What, How

Our lives can be better; in fact, they can be great. This is true individually and collectively.

There are two factors to having great lives, our inner landscape and the context in which we live.

The inner landscape can be developed through the practice of Inquiry Method; looking into our beliefs, our emotional framework, and our unmet needs, and letting go of that which does not serve us.

The context in which we live can be remodeled and upgraded to serve and inform the development and flourishing of this inner landscape.

One of the primary obstacles to developing this inner landscape is the context of work, how we earn our living but even more importantly how we express our best selves.

This calls for a revolution in the way in which we view and do work. Our workplaces should be a place/activity that we look forward to, as the venue for expressing our best selves and where we interact and create with others to achieve something that is truly meaningful.

This is possible.

Inquiry Management is a practice that will revolutionize our context for working. By inverting the system, pushing our problems/challenges up, committing to the success of everyone, learning to be mentors, and becoming able to be mentored we return the workplace to an environment that meets, supports and amplifies the experience of being human.