What I want for you is to fully wake up to your strengths and remove the obstacles to leading a life inspired by happiness from within; to become effective in bringing your gifts and talents to your work and families and enjoying your life, deepening in your capacity to live fully and receiving all that life has to offer you.

Kyle’s intentions for the Inquiry Method are these:

  • That it be easily understood and accessible.
  • That anyone who is interested can master it.
  • That it not be based on dogma or control.
  • That it inspires freedom and individuality, not conformity.
  • That it require no belief.
  • That it give direct and dramatic results for the people that use it.
  • That it not be about fashion or trends but that it has a quality of timelessness.
  • That when people hear about it, and begin to practice it, it will resonate as truth on all levels.
  • That it not be about me as a teacher but a philosophy and an approach to living life fully.
  • That it bring us closer together and inspire our courage and contribution.