Growth Centered Business

What if we were to change our whole idea of what business was for?

What if the primary purpose of business was to grow people, to support them in their own personal success and fulfillment?

It is time for a revolution in business; in why we do business and how we do it. There is no question that a business that is committed to the success, growth and fulfillment of the people who work there will be successful, will experience growth, and ultimately will provide abundance for everyone involved.

There is no question that this kind of business will create amazing products and services. There is no question that the relationships that are created with customers will be mutually beneficial.

The divide we have created between work and life, career and happiness, between a paycheck and a lifestyle is killing us all slowly. It does not have to be this way.

From here on out I am going to call these kinds of businesses Growth Centered Businesses. In a growth-centered business, values trump and inform systems rather than the other way around. Leadership and mentorship go hand in hand. There is an awareness of the ambitions of everyone in the organization and a commitment of support to create an environment that rewards and encourages success and growth.

The primary intention in a Growth Centered Businesses is that employees and owners live fulfilling and meaningful lives on every level, that they feel that they are giving their best, and their best is getting better; that, as we give our best, it amplifies and improves our lives rather than takes over our lives.

The experience of work should be fulfilling, meaningful, exciting, and supportive; it is something we should look forward to; it is an environment where we must feel we are expressing and growing our best selves. Let’s start the revolution now; first with ourselves and then with everyone who looks to our leadership.